Dogfish Head Midas Touch

A- Beautiful golden in color fitting of the name, not unlike clear honey. Extremely clear. Fizzy with a nice head that falls away quickly into a light foam.

S- Not a great aroma. Very alcohol apparent with a bit of a medicinal quality.

T- Very sweet and honeylike. Sadly I don't get any of the saffron the label proclaims. It's easy to drink because of its sweetness, but it's not the easiest to drink. It's syrupy

M- Thick in the mouth due to the sweetness, but otherwise washes away smooth.

All in all it's an interesting concoction. The overwhelming sense is sweet with sadly not a ton of complexity that I expected from the muscat grapes, honey, and saffron. It's worth a try. Once.

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Bell's Oberon Summer Ale

An American wheat described as having "the color and scent of a summer afternoon". This entry from Bell's of Comstock, MI is interesting. A gorgeous color, unfiltered, and cloudy. Its a wheat but has a bite to it almost like a pilsner. Its not sweet or fruity and doesn't have any hint of banana or anything. If you gave this to me blind, I'd never guess it was a wheat beer.

Its pretty doesn't and drinkable, but its not what I expect from a summer wheat beer. In this category I'll stick with hefeweizens from Germany. There are other summer seasonals that are better. Bell's IPA is pretty tasty so I'll stick with that one.

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Barley Creek Lager

Had this beer at a wedding in the Poconos. I have been to the brew pub that makes this which is on the way to Camelback ski mountain in PA. This beer was reminiscent of your basic Buds, Heinekens, etc. But it's made by a small brewer so that automatically made it my choice for the night instead of the other massies.

In reality it's not bad. Easy drinking and flavorful, but really nothing special. It's in the same category as Amstel, Heineken, Stella, etc. But if you see it pick it up and give it a try to support the little guy.

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Pinkus Unfiltered Organic Hefeweizen

I've drank many, many German wheat beers. But, most of them are the same 3 or 4 brands. It's nice to try a different offering every once in a while. This one is organic, which I think is interesting. Organic is not a huge trend in beer for some reason.

At first glance this beer was very clear and yellowish, much like an American Pilsner. But after stirring up the sediment and pouring it in, it obviously clouded up and got a little closer to what I expect from a hefeweizen. This beer has a nice fizziness to it and smells fruit. It's a little lighter than some wheat beers I've had, which could be great on a summer day. The flavor is nice and hits you at first, but then rapidly fades away.

This is a pretty good beer, but a little to light and undeveloped in my humble opinion.

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Stella Artois

Oh Stella, I remember when you were a new rare novelty. Once a delightful Belgian surprise, now this beer is everywhere and unfortunately availability has not been good for my opinion of it. Perhaps it's because the more I've seen it and the more I've consumed it I've realized its not that great. I put it in the same category now as bud, coors, and heineken. Although I'd much rather drink it than that other piss. But let's face it, this is piss...Belgian piss. Ok I'll stop bashing it. It's a luxury brand for people who drink coors light. At this very moment I cringed as the backwards cap-wearing frat boy orders bud over stella. (I mean come this day and age must we stoop so low? That shit is made with rice and corn!) At any rate, I think Stella is indicative of the US popularization of Belgian beers. That is a great thing. Its just unfortunate that most people's Belgian experience doesn't get past this brew. Its not bad in a pinch, but my next order is back to Sam. It just has more flavor. But when I get back to NYC I'll revert back to this popularly unknowns asap.

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Samuel Adams lager

So this is an airport beer. I'm sitting at LGA and they actually have an ok selection for an airport. I asked for Spaten but the menu was old and they don't have it anymore. So I went with the Sam Adams draft instead. This is my go to for commercial beers for some reason. I like its color and its taste. Its just got character where so many massies don't. I mean its not great and its a last resort but really it's pretty solid. I mean good color and I swear I actually get a bit of good hops. So while many people might disagree I think that in a pinch it's a good one to go for. Of course I try to avoid being put in such a pinch, so I still just rate this one as "Not Bad".

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Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

This Imperial IPA from Dogfish Head says it ages well, but I'll never know because I drank it. On the label, they clearly state this is "The Holy Grail for Hopheads". Well, I'm not so certain of that. It's interesting and you can tell it's painstakingly crafter, but it's just not my style I don't think. My favorite is the 60 minute and when I feel like less bitter the 90 minute is worth every penny. The 120 minute is just a bit over the top.

Dogfish Head says this is continually hopped for 120 minutes then dry-hopped every day for a month. Wow, that's a lot and it sounds beautiful. But my problem is it's just to sweet, malty, and syrupy. It has a beautiful reddish tint, like a regal robe or something. But it's very sweet and the malt is evident in the earthy, musty smell. I'm not sure what the abv is, but I'm betting it's rather high.

For being hopped so long, I don't sense what I normally sense. Perhaps this is due to an amateur palette, but everything is overpowered by the malt in this one.

Now don't get me wrong, this is one everyone should try. But I'd put it as a special occasion beer for drinkers who really know what they're doing.

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Long Trail IPA

I love Long Trail, their standard beer is fantastic. In some weird way it's one that I remember as really getting me excited about beer. I remember having it for the first time on a trip to Killington, VT. It was delicious and I still buy it.

But this isn't that beer. This is their IPA. I was really excited because I love Long Trail and I love IPAs. But sadly it left me a little flat. I mean, it's good and I'd drink it again. But with so many great IPAs out there it didn't really stand out from the pack. So get it if it's on the beer list and there aren't many other options. But there's other IPAs that I prefer out there.

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Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Whoa. Let me start by saying I'm not really a stout drinker. I bought this beer because I read an article about it proclaiming it's virtues and it's high alcohol content (supposedly, something like 18 or 22%). This beer is super dark, it's a black hole from which light does not return. My bottle had a very low level of carbonation and not the nitrogen-type you get with Guiness. Unlike most stouts I've had, this beer is super sweet. It's like a Belgian Trippel. The aroma reminds me of a red dessert wine. Phew, you can tell it's really alcoholic, but this sweetness pretty much covers it.

When I look at this it kind of reminds me of a cola, and the alcohol hits you in the corners of my neck a little bit. I get the sense this would give me a nasty hangover. Fortunately I'm only going to drink this one. I recommend people give this a try for the novelty, but I probably won't go for it again.

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Oerbier by DeDolle Brouwers

This brew is dark and chocolatey. It has a slightly pungent aroma and tastes strong but not astringent. Interestingly, the bottle had a ton of sediment. This Belgian is 9% and has a thick, heavy taste.

Oerbier is good if you like rich, brown beers. But don't order this if you're expecting something like Duvel.

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St. Bernardus 12 Quadrupel

Wow! A very complex beer. Super malty, extremely dark, 10.5%, and rather sweet. Kind of tastes like a really ripe stone fruit of some kind. A bit of old cherry and peach. This beer is fairly intense in its flavor profile. It's very thick and a beer for sipping, not for gulping.

This beer is very interesting for those who like Belgian beers that have been given a lot of extra love in the secondary fermenters. I'd recommend trying it if you're adventurous. But it's one of those "one and done" beers that are good to try, but not one you'll seek out again unless it's your thing.

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ABITA Andygator

I got this beer from New Beer Distributor on the LES in a 32 oz. flip top. They have some beer on tap and charge about $6 to fill a 32 oz. bottle. The best part is if you bring the bottle back you can fill it up again with whatever they have on tap for $2 cheaper, which is just like how you'd get beer before mass production.

ABITA Andygator is an interesting beer. It's good, but there's something a little funny about it that keeps it from being a favorite. It's golden and clear with a floral, sweet flavor. It didn't really have a strong aroma or a lot of carbonation, which is likely due to the keg to 32 oz. transfer it went through the day before I finally drank it.

At 8% abv it's strong, but you wouldn't really know it from the taste. It almost tastes like a light wheat or Belgian, in fact in kind of looks like one. There's something in the taste that I can't quite place, and the aftertaste is a bit funky. But, it's a smooth drink and a good alternative for times when I don't want to hit myself over the head with an IPA.

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Achel Trappist Biere Blonde

This Belgian has a nice golden color, is a bit cloudy, and has quite a fizzy head. The bubbles are actually quite large, which is a bit surprising, and creates a bit of effervescence. It's closest to Duvel or a Chimay, but not quite as refined. Although it's not as sweet as some Belgians.

The only problem I have is that there seems to be a bit of a metallic taste. Perhaps, this one has been in the store for a while and picked up some bottlecap.

Overall, it's a good Belgian blonde with a nice fizz, but the metallic aftertatse is a bit off-putting. It's not overly sweet, which is good, but not overly smooth either.

$5 at New Beer Distributor.

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