Krušovice Lager

I needed a beer, so I went to Riverside Market and perused the selection. I was delighted to see Krušovice there, a beer that I have enjoyed many times both in the US and in Prague. The reason I chose it was because of hockey. Last night at MSG, we witnessed an amazing performance by Czech-born Jaromir Jagr. All season long I've been on his case from the stands for seemingly not giving enough to the team. Well I guess he had been saving it up for the playoffs, and he has more than made up for it. He gave the NY Rangers some pride last night to avoid the sweep and give them a shot at making history. At any rate, I don't know what Jaromir thinks of Krušovice, but I picked up the Czech beer in salute to him. Last night he played for his team, his fans, his season, and maybe his career with the Rangers and the NHL. Cheers Jags!

As far as the beer, I love this one. It's always great to see a Czech beer besides Pilsner or Budvar (although I love both of those as well). Krušovice is fiercely carbonated which makes if very refreshing. It's a simple, but refined lager with a great color and a smooth taste. I've put down maybe half liters of this brew at Radegast in Williamsburg and the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria. I can drink it all day long on a warm summers day. It's simplicity is it's strong point here. These Czech beers are old and are pushing the limits of flavor and aroma with massive amounts of exotic hops. They're just doing what they've been doing for centuries: making damn good lagers.

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Barley Creek Lager

Had this beer at a wedding in the Poconos. I have been to the brew pub that makes this which is on the way to Camelback ski mountain in PA. This beer was reminiscent of your basic Buds, Heinekens, etc. But it's made by a small brewer so that automatically made it my choice for the night instead of the other massies.

In reality it's not bad. Easy drinking and flavorful, but really nothing special. It's in the same category as Amstel, Heineken, Stella, etc. But if you see it pick it up and give it a try to support the little guy.

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Stella Artois

Oh Stella, I remember when you were a new rare novelty. Once a delightful Belgian surprise, now this beer is everywhere and unfortunately availability has not been good for my opinion of it. Perhaps it's because the more I've seen it and the more I've consumed it I've realized its not that great. I put it in the same category now as bud, coors, and heineken. Although I'd much rather drink it than that other piss. But let's face it, this is piss...Belgian piss. Ok I'll stop bashing it. It's a luxury brand for people who drink coors light. At this very moment I cringed as the backwards cap-wearing frat boy orders bud over stella. (I mean come this day and age must we stoop so low? That shit is made with rice and corn!) At any rate, I think Stella is indicative of the US popularization of Belgian beers. That is a great thing. Its just unfortunate that most people's Belgian experience doesn't get past this brew. Its not bad in a pinch, but my next order is back to Sam. It just has more flavor. But when I get back to NYC I'll revert back to this popularly unknowns asap.

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Samuel Adams lager

So this is an airport beer. I'm sitting at LGA and they actually have an ok selection for an airport. I asked for Spaten but the menu was old and they don't have it anymore. So I went with the Sam Adams draft instead. This is my go to for commercial beers for some reason. I like its color and its taste. Its just got character where so many massies don't. I mean its not great and its a last resort but really it's pretty solid. I mean good color and I swear I actually get a bit of good hops. So while many people might disagree I think that in a pinch it's a good one to go for. Of course I try to avoid being put in such a pinch, so I still just rate this one as "Not Bad".

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Cooper's Lager

See review of James Boag's below. This is the same deal. Not bad, not great. It's an export lager. Enough said.

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James Boag's Premium Lager

An Australian Lager (well, actually a Tasmania lager). I don't have much to say about this. It's an export lager and it's not bad but it's not great. It's an average beer with decent flavor that everyone who drinks beer has had some variation of at some point whether it's from the US, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand, whatever.

Drinkable, but nothing to write home about.

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Goldstar Lager

Every country has one of these. It's Israel's version. A plain old lager like is mass produced for export everywhere. Budweiser, Heineken, Steinlager, etc, etc.

Also had this at 10 Degrees in NYC.

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