Scherlenka Smoke Beer - Braurei Heller

I read an article with the guy who makes this stuff. It's been in his family for forever and it's, uh, different to say the least. The thing about it is its historic value. In the old days the only way to dry the grains for beer-making was over an open fire. As a result, the grains were essentially smoked. This smoke comes through LOUD AND CLEAR in this beer. The owner of the brewery called it "liquid ham" and that's about right and about as disgusting as it sounds. It was somewhat worse than what I'd expect from liquid ham.

Now don't get my wrong I appreciate the historic value of this beer. It makes me understand a little bit more about beer's history and the way that it has evolved. But, it also makes me very happy that we have developed technology that allows us to have beer that doesn't taste like this anymore.

Give it a shot if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Pinkus Unfiltered Organic Hefeweizen

I've drank many, many German wheat beers. But, most of them are the same 3 or 4 brands. It's nice to try a different offering every once in a while. This one is organic, which I think is interesting. Organic is not a huge trend in beer for some reason.

At first glance this beer was very clear and yellowish, much like an American Pilsner. But after stirring up the sediment and pouring it in, it obviously clouded up and got a little closer to what I expect from a hefeweizen. This beer has a nice fizziness to it and smells fruit. It's a little lighter than some wheat beers I've had, which could be great on a summer day. The flavor is nice and hits you at first, but then rapidly fades away.

This is a pretty good beer, but a little to light and undeveloped in my humble opinion.

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