ABITA Andygator

I got this beer from New Beer Distributor on the LES in a 32 oz. flip top. They have some beer on tap and charge about $6 to fill a 32 oz. bottle. The best part is if you bring the bottle back you can fill it up again with whatever they have on tap for $2 cheaper, which is just like how you'd get beer before mass production.

ABITA Andygator is an interesting beer. It's good, but there's something a little funny about it that keeps it from being a favorite. It's golden and clear with a floral, sweet flavor. It didn't really have a strong aroma or a lot of carbonation, which is likely due to the keg to 32 oz. transfer it went through the day before I finally drank it.

At 8% abv it's strong, but you wouldn't really know it from the taste. It almost tastes like a light wheat or Belgian, in fact in kind of looks like one. There's something in the taste that I can't quite place, and the aftertaste is a bit funky. But, it's a smooth drink and a good alternative for times when I don't want to hit myself over the head with an IPA.

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