Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

This is great. Hoppy, refreshing, hint of flowery Jasmine. Just makes it go down smooth. Makes me reconsider an idea I had for a homebrew...maybe IPA's can have some of this floral aroma and flavor too. Curious...

Anyway, too lazy to take a photo and give a full review. But it's got a nice color, it's crystal clear, has a great flavor, and is delicious. Jasmine is the perfect amount, you get a hint but not overwhelming.

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La Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen Ipa Tripel

Pours frothing piling inches of marangue like foam on top. Very like a Belgian in carbonation. Head sticks out above the glass despite a moderate rate of bubble ascent. Nice light gold color. Very clear.

Not a ton of aroma. Citrus and a bit of spice. A tad of earth..the sense of green freshness...probably from the Saaz. Bottle also says there are Amarillo and Tomahawk hops.

Tastes great. On the sweet side for an ipa but very expect in a Belgian. The hop bitterness doesn't come in until the end after the swallow which is nice. The bitterness washes away the sweet and hangs out for a little while. Easy to put down but a little less sweetness would make it even easier.

Mouthfeel is slightly coating at first but I find the bitterness crisp it out. At 9% & 750ml, I'm in for a fun evening.

This is a nice beer, one I'd definitely buy again. It's just really interesting to see a Belgian tripel aspiring to take on some of the big "San Diego" IPA characteristics.

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Dogfish Head Midas Touch

A- Beautiful golden in color fitting of the name, not unlike clear honey. Extremely clear. Fizzy with a nice head that falls away quickly into a light foam.

S- Not a great aroma. Very alcohol apparent with a bit of a medicinal quality.

T- Very sweet and honeylike. Sadly I don't get any of the saffron the label proclaims. It's easy to drink because of its sweetness, but it's not the easiest to drink. It's syrupy

M- Thick in the mouth due to the sweetness, but otherwise washes away smooth.

All in all it's an interesting concoction. The overwhelming sense is sweet with sadly not a ton of complexity that I expected from the muscat grapes, honey, and saffron. It's worth a try. Once.

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Unibroue Quatre-Centieme Brassin Commemoratif

I read about this beer in the most recent All About Beer magazine. The beer is by the Canadian brewery Unibroue, a maker of many fine Belgian-inspired beers like La Fin Du Monde, Maudite, etc.

It poured very pale, a nice fizz to it, and created a great head in the tulip glass. It's very Golden in color and cloudy...a bit like Hoegaarden but maybe a bit darker. It's actually quite sweet, but at 7.5% it packs quite a punch and the sweetness completely covers the ABV. There's a bit of spice in there, the AAB articles said they used 4 spices to commemorate 4 centuries of Quebec City, but after an initial sense that something interesting is in there I lose it in the sweetness.

It has the mouthfeel of a session belgian witbier with a very distinct Unibroue quality to it. Not sure where it's from, likely a consistent yeast, or it's a just a slightly modified Don De Dieu (label has that on it actually). The beer actually has an enjoyable aftertaste that lingers on my palette and I like. Although I'm so used to bitter hoppy beers that maybe my taste buds are just reveling in something new.

All in all, it's very easy drinking, has a nice aroma, and a good flavor. Maybe too sweet, maybe not the most complex beer in the world. But for a delicious, easy drinking wit-style plae beer, you could do much much worse.

Only thing that sucks is I paid 10.99 for the 750mL at my grocery.

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