Unibroue Quatre-Centieme Brassin Commemoratif

I read about this beer in the most recent All About Beer magazine. The beer is by the Canadian brewery Unibroue, a maker of many fine Belgian-inspired beers like La Fin Du Monde, Maudite, etc.

It poured very pale, a nice fizz to it, and created a great head in the tulip glass. It's very Golden in color and cloudy...a bit like Hoegaarden but maybe a bit darker. It's actually quite sweet, but at 7.5% it packs quite a punch and the sweetness completely covers the ABV. There's a bit of spice in there, the AAB articles said they used 4 spices to commemorate 4 centuries of Quebec City, but after an initial sense that something interesting is in there I lose it in the sweetness.

It has the mouthfeel of a session belgian witbier with a very distinct Unibroue quality to it. Not sure where it's from, likely a consistent yeast, or it's a just a slightly modified Don De Dieu (label has that on it actually). The beer actually has an enjoyable aftertaste that lingers on my palette and I like. Although I'm so used to bitter hoppy beers that maybe my taste buds are just reveling in something new.

All in all, it's very easy drinking, has a nice aroma, and a good flavor. Maybe too sweet, maybe not the most complex beer in the world. But for a delicious, easy drinking wit-style plae beer, you could do much much worse.

Only thing that sucks is I paid 10.99 for the 750mL at my grocery.

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