Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

Malt beverage brown ale 12% aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. Wood is Palo Santo wood giving it a special flavor.

Super dark like a cola. No light gets through. Very caramely with hints of vanilla. A slightly off aftertaste but a smooth flavor and texture.

Like a stout but different. Good to try and I recommend it.

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Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

Pure heaven. This beer is perfect. Its nicely settled between the hoppiness of the 60 and the rich sweet maltiness of the 120. Its heavy and rich and complex yet the hop bitterness and flavor aren't lost in a sea of caramely malts. Absolutely delicious.

Label says it's got a ridiculous amount of 2 row English barley and a single continuous 90 minute hop addition. Then dry hopped. Well whatever they do I hope they keep doing it. Just wish it came in 6 packs and wasn't so expensive.

Love it!

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Maredsous dubbel

A Belgian abbey ale from a well-known brewery. At 8% it's a nice medium alcohol content which keeps it smooth. Its quite dark in color, a rich brown. Its touch of sweetness makes it go down easy and it has a refined texture.

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Krušovice Lager

I needed a beer, so I went to Riverside Market and perused the selection. I was delighted to see Krušovice there, a beer that I have enjoyed many times both in the US and in Prague. The reason I chose it was because of hockey. Last night at MSG, we witnessed an amazing performance by Czech-born Jaromir Jagr. All season long I've been on his case from the stands for seemingly not giving enough to the team. Well I guess he had been saving it up for the playoffs, and he has more than made up for it. He gave the NY Rangers some pride last night to avoid the sweep and give them a shot at making history. At any rate, I don't know what Jaromir thinks of Krušovice, but I picked up the Czech beer in salute to him. Last night he played for his team, his fans, his season, and maybe his career with the Rangers and the NHL. Cheers Jags!

As far as the beer, I love this one. It's always great to see a Czech beer besides Pilsner or Budvar (although I love both of those as well). Krušovice is fiercely carbonated which makes if very refreshing. It's a simple, but refined lager with a great color and a smooth taste. I've put down maybe half liters of this brew at Radegast in Williamsburg and the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria. I can drink it all day long on a warm summers day. It's simplicity is it's strong point here. These Czech beers are old and are pushing the limits of flavor and aroma with massive amounts of exotic hops. They're just doing what they've been doing for centuries: making damn good lagers.

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