Homebrew explosion!

I've been homebrewing!

So far two finished batches. One is an Irish Red Ale, the other is a Double IPA (although I'd say it's a heavier bodied IPA, not quite double/imperial). Both were kits I got from Midwest Supply.

I haven't formally commented on them yet, but I will soon. In short, the Irish Red Ale started a little funky when it was young...something seemed off. But man it's mellowing out nicely and is getting to be very drinkable. The IPA on the other hand was outstanding from the first sip only 4 days after bottling. More on those soon.

Now I've got a DFH 90 min clone in the primary. Yesterday it ended up making quite a mess as the yeast kraeusen came right up through the airlock, clogged, then started spraying wort all over the place once enough pressure built up. Here's some photos of the mess.

Woohoo! Go yeast, go!



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